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Police investigate attempted abduction at Springfield Lakes

July 24, 2014
Police are investigating an attempted abduction after two schoolgirls at Ipswich's Springfield Lakes. The girls are both under fourteen and say they were approached by a man on a motorcycle after…
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dad first date

Dad Melts Daughter's Heart With First Real Date

July 17, 2014
Everyone's first date is always a nerve racking experienec. There's the awkward small talk, the sweating palms and that moment at the end of the night where you're not sure whether to go in for a…
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50shades 40387

Beyonce shares 50 Shades of Grey video

July 24, 2014
International pop sensation Beyone has posted a brief '50 Shades of Grey' teaser on the upcoming film to her Instagram, leaving fans wondering whether or not she will make a contribution to the…

One Direction New Movie Trailer

A new One Direction movie is coming for one weekend only worldwide. It will be a concert…

Snoop Dogg Asked If He's Smoked Weed At White House

Snoop Dogg had Jimmy Kimmel on his YouTube talk show GGN. Jimmy jumped straight in and…

Ricky Gervais Tells David Letterman Not To Retire

Watch as Ricky Gervais tries to stop David Letterman retiring: Image - Joe Watch as Ricky…

What Did Rachel McAdams Say About Working With LiLo?

It turns out Rachel McAdams was in awe of Lindsay Lohan during the filming of Mean Girls…

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