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Ipswich man allegedly 'tortured, tried to kill' victim

July 28, 2014
A man is due to face a Ipswich court after he allegedly tortured and tried to murder his housemate (pictured) yesterday. Police had to perform CPR on the 51-year-old victim, who remains in hospital…
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50 shades


July 25, 2014
It's the movie that everyone is talking about from the book that every woman around the world has read. FIFTY SHADES OF REY. The film adaption of the best selling novel doesn't hit our screens until…
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corgi f0aae

Sparky's got all the moves

July 29, 2014
This is probably one of the greatest example of getting joy from the small things in life. The "Sparky Kibble Dance" shows how one corgi makes the most of it's early morning meal. The meaty drops…

Zayn Malik Free Palestine

Zayn Malik from One Direction has pulled a Rihanna and Tweeted #FreePalestine. The…

Paris Hilton Proves She's Back On The Market

Well it seems Paris Hilton and her BF are dunzo!! This is news to us but it's clear since…

One Direction New Movie Trailer

A new One Direction movie is coming for one weekend only worldwide. It will be a concert…

Snoop Dogg Asked If He's Smoked Weed At White House

Snoop Dogg had Jimmy Kimmel on his YouTube talk show GGN. Jimmy jumped straight in and…

The Breakfast Club

Do you use an electric blanket in winter?

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Today – July 29th
We wish a very Happy Birthday to...

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