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RAAF issued with new look uniforms

September 02, 2014
RAFFIES at Amberley airbase have been decked out with new threads today... Squadron Leader Belinda Johnson spoke to Marnie and Mike this morning and says the new look all general purpose uniforms…
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The Fart That Could Save Your Marriage

September 02, 2014
"It was the dog." Every bloke on the face of God's green earth has used this excuse at some stage of their life. We all know the scenario. You're laying bed, having a bit of a kiss and cuddle, then a…
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Mad Monday lands Demon's in hot water

September 02, 2014
Mad Monday antics have landed a couple of AFL footy players in hot water, after they made some distasteful costume decisions. Melbourne players Dean Terlich and Alex Georgiou chose Rolf Harris and…

Madonna Coming To Oz After 21 Years?

Could the Madonna drought be over? It's been 21 years since the Queen of Pop graced our…

Snoop Dogg's Alter Ego 'Todd'

It seams alter-ego's are all the rage nowadays, but I think this one takes the…

Miley Cyrus: "I Still Love Liam Helmsworth"

Miley Cyrus has opened up to Sunday Night, telling journalist Chris Bath that she still…

Hacker Stole Nude Photos of Jennifer Lawrence

Naked photos of Jennifer Lawrence hit the Internet on Sunday, showing the Oscar-winner in…

Which is a better buy a Holden or Ford?

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Today – September 2nd
We wish a very Happy Birthday to...

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